Redefining Venderhall Autocycles in Europe

We woke up to prepare for the trip back to Lagos. Breakfast was yam and sauce; Yam and egg and tea, coffee and chocolate drink.

 Once we had eaten, and everyone was set, we were road bound and set off at about 9 am. Our route was to ride from Offa, Osogbo, Ede, Gbongan, Ikire, Ibadan, Sagamu, Lagos.

 Heading out we stopped to fill up at the NNPC station in Offa and then set off.

 Heading from Offa to Osogbo was quite tricky as we were more often than not rolling on roads which were under construction, “it seems Osogbo is one big construction yard lot of roads being constructed or revamped”. We hit Osogbo in an hour and went on a merry go round cos road works meant roads were closed and we had to find alternative routes.

Journey took us through to the Iife

In looking for alternative routes, as a sharp guy, i left my visor open lo and behold my first fly in the helmet experience when on the highway. Its a not a funny something o, I was perturbed and almost overwhelmed with the buzzing in the helmet and had to make an emergency stop to save myself.

 Of course my guardians were there to sort me out FD and Maestro. Once i sorted out the helmet we rolled off and caught up with the others “they had waited further on” and we continued out of Osogbo through to Ede (nice breezy and fun ride).


While filtering through the traffic, a pedestrian crossing without any care ran into Dicta’s bike and broke the right side mirror ( I could see fire coming out of RC’s nose and ears fortunately Kanu rode up diffusing the situation).

The rest of the journey through to Lagos was cool. Lucky for us traffic was light and we made very good time. We ended the journey at the Cauldron in Alausa with thanks to the Almighty for journey mercies


There was a point where i was overtaking a trailer on the rather rough side of the rode and right there the road suddenly went rougher, wetin man wan do na, so you increase your speed get past the trailer and bring your bike onto the road .

Producing Over 2 Million Hand-Made Vanderhall Vehicles by 2025

SAS Rapid Car’s Ambitious Project: Producing Over 2 Million Hand-Made Vanderhall Vehicles by 2025


SAS Rapid Car, a renowned name in the automotive industry, has embarked on a monumental project to produce over 2 million hand-made Vanderhall vehicles by 2025. This ambitious initiative signifies a remarkable blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and strategic planning, reflecting the company’s commitment to redefining the landscape of luxury and bespoke automobiles.

The Genesis of the Vanderhall Project

Company Background

SAS Rapid Car has long been celebrated for its dedication to quality and excellence in automobile manufacturing. Known for their high-performance vehicles, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of engineering and design. The decision to focus on hand-made Vanderhall vehicles aligns with their philosophy of offering unique and personalized driving experiences.

Vanderhall: A Unique Proposition

Vanderhall vehicles are renowned for their distinctive style and unparalleled performance. These three-wheeled roadsters combine the thrill of a motorcycle with the stability and comfort of a car, making them a favorite among enthusiasts and collectors. The hand-made aspect ensures each unit is meticulously crafted, offering a level of detail and personalization that mass-produced vehicles cannot match.

The Vision: Producing 2 Million Vehicles

Strategic Planning and Milestones

The project to produce over 2 million Vanderhall vehicles by 2025 is a testament to SAS Rapid Car’s strategic vision and operational prowess. This goal is not only ambitious but also requires a meticulous approach to planning and execution. Key milestones include:

  1. Establishing Production Facilities: SAS Rapid Car plans to expand its production facilities to accommodate the increased demand. This includes setting up new plants equipped with state-of-the-art technology to streamline the hand-making process.
  2. Recruiting Skilled Artisans: The company is investing in training programs to recruit and retain skilled artisans who can uphold the brand’s standards of craftsmanship.
  3. Leveraging Advanced Technologies: While the focus is on hand-made production, SAS Rapid Car is integrating advanced technologies such as AI and robotics to assist in quality control and efficiency without compromising the bespoke nature of the vehicles.

Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing

SAS Rapid Car is also committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. The production process will prioritize eco-friendly materials and methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This commitment extends to ensuring fair labor practices and contributing to local communities where production facilities are based.

Challenges and Solutions

Supply Chain Management

One of the primary challenges in producing 2 million hand-made vehicles is managing the supply chain effectively. SAS Rapid Car is addressing this by forging strong partnerships with suppliers and investing in logistics infrastructure to ensure a steady flow of high-quality materials.

Maintaining Quality at Scale

Scaling up production while maintaining the handcrafted quality of each Vanderhall vehicle is another significant challenge. To overcome this, SAS Rapid Car is implementing rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production. This includes regular audits and feedback loops to continuously improve processes.

Market Demand and Competition

Understanding and stimulating market demand is crucial. SAS Rapid Car is leveraging its brand reputation and marketing expertise to create awareness and desirability for Vanderhall vehicles. Additionally, the company is closely monitoring the competitive landscape to adapt and stay ahead of market trends.

Market Impact and Future Prospects

Redefining Luxury Automobiles

The success of this project has the potential to redefine the luxury automobile market. By producing a large volume of hand-made vehicles, SAS Rapid Car is setting a new benchmark for exclusivity and personalization in the industry.

Economic and Social Benefits

Beyond the automotive world, this project is poised to bring significant economic and social benefits. The establishment of new production facilities and the creation of numerous jobs will stimulate local economies and foster community development.

Long-Term Vision

Looking beyond 2025, SAS Rapid Car aims to continue innovating and expanding its portfolio of luxury vehicles. The experience and insights gained from this project will serve as a foundation for future endeavors, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in the high-end automotive market.


SAS Rapid Car’s project to produce over 2 million hand-made Vanderhall vehicles by 2025 is a bold and visionary undertaking. It exemplifies the company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. As the project progresses, it promises to make a lasting impact on the automotive industry and beyond, setting new standards for what luxury and craftsmanship can achieve in the modern era.

Off Road Adventure with Handerhall

Embarking on an off-road adventure in France with a Vanderhall vehicle, specifically the SAS Rapid Car model, promises a thrilling and unique experience. Here’s a detailed guide on what you can expect and how to make the most of this adventure:

Choosing Your Vanderhall Model

The Vanderhall lineup, known for its sleek design and powerful performance, includes models well-suited for an off-road adventure:

  1. Vanderhall Carmel: Known for its turbocharged engine and luxurious features, this model offers a balance of comfort and performance.
  2. Vanderhall Venice: A more classic option, offering open-air excitement with modern capabilities.
  3. Vanderhall Brawley: Specifically designed for off-road adventures with features like four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance, and robust suspension.

Planning Your Route

Popular Off-Road Trails in France

  1. Verdon Gorge: Known as the “Grand Canyon of Europe,” offers rugged terrain and stunning views.
  2. Corsica’s Mountain Roads: Combine coastal beauty with mountainous challenges.
  3. The Pyrenees: Offers a range of trails from beginner to advanced, with beautiful scenery.
  4. Loire Valley: Though better known for its castles and wine, it also has trails that cater to off-road enthusiasts.

Essential Gear and Preparation

  • Navigation Tools: GPS devices, maps, and compass.
  • Safety Gear: Helmets, gloves, and protective clothing.
  • Repair Kit: Tools, spare tire, and basic repair supplies.
  • Camping Equipment: If planning an overnight stay, bring a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking supplies.
  • Food and Water: Ample supplies for the duration of your trip.

Off-Road Driving Tips

  • Check the Weather: Conditions can greatly affect the trails.
  • Understand Your Vehicle: Familiarize yourself with the Vanderhall’s features, including its four-wheel drive, differential locks, and suspension settings.
  • Drive Slowly: On rough terrain, speed can lead to accidents.
  • Stay on Marked Trails: This helps protect the environment and ensures you do not get lost.

Highlights of the Adventure

  1. Scenic Beauty: France offers diverse landscapes from rugged mountains to picturesque valleys.
  2. Local Culture: Stop by local villages to experience French hospitality and cuisine.
  3. Historical Sites: Many trails are near historical landmarks, offering a blend of adventure and history.

Environmental Considerations

  • Respect Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from animals.
  • Leave No Trace: Pack out all trash and minimize your environmental impact.
  • Stay on Designated Trails: Protects local ecosystems from damage.

Welcome to Sas Rapid Car-Vanderhall Manufacturer

An off-road adventure in France with a Vanderhall SAS Rapid Car is a perfect blend of thrill, natural beauty, and cultural immersion. Proper preparation and respect for the environment ensure a memorable and safe journey. Whether navigating the rugged paths of the Pyrenees or the scenic trails of Corsica, this adventure is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

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